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Code on Laptop Computer

Whenever a computer is checked into our repair shop, it is subjected to a three step diagnostic process. First we evaluate your hardware, (the tangible components of your machine like your hard drive and RAM) then we evaluate your software, (the non tangibles like your operating system, hidden viruses and program glitches) and lastly, we give you an explanation of our diagnostic work with options to fix the problems along with quoted prices. We will also give you an estimated time of completion for the fix when we are completed with our diagnostics.We believe that running this diagnostic allows for a fair estimate of your machine and an overall understanding of what is happening and why it is happening to your machine. It is also an effective way for us to understand any hidden problems the machine may have.

Note- If you do not want to do work with us after the diagnostic is complete, then you have the option to pick it up after the diagnostic process.

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