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People always ask if we repair apple computers, also known as (Macs) We tell them, yes, of course we do! Apple computers are constructed the exact same way a standard Windows computer is. The only difference being that Apple uses a different kind of operating system or (GUI) as it is technically called. A common misconception is that Apple computers are immune to virus infections unfortunately this is not the case, Apple computers are susceptible to the same infections and failures that all other computers experience. The only reason Apple computers do not get many viruses is because so very few people own Apple products. The biggest difference when comparing Apple and Windows based PCs, is Software. Apple uses different methods to install and upgrade their interfaces, while Microsoft typically releases a new operating system every 3-4 years with drastic changes and improvements in between. Apple releases a new update to their current operating system about once a year with the main system, for example, being OSX 10.0 and a small update being snow leopard 10.6, and lion 10.7. These updates often include new features and small system improvements and usually cost a small amount of money to upgrade. Meanwhile, Microsoft typically will charge over 200.00 for their operating systems for the most basic package. Another difference when comparing Apple and Windows PCs is a limited selection in software availability. Microsoft has a much more open and easier to develop system allowing nearly anyone to release software for the Windows platform. A lot of programs have been assembled for both Operating Systems, but Microsoft still makes up over 91.26 of all computer users, so software for the PC is more abundant. Overall, as a Computer Repair Store, it is essential to acknowledge all Operating Systems. We are savvy with all platforms as they essentially do the same thing let us manage our everyday lives on the fly!

P.S. Did you know that you can run Windows on a Mac computer? It is possible and we can help you do it! Contact us today to help with all of your Mac Needs!

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