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Our laptops are our little friends that travel everywhere with us on a daily basis. From our bedrooms to our workplaces and our favorite coffee shops. Unfortunately, those places arent as clean as one would imagine, especially if an individual owns pets or has a lot of dust in an enclosed space. Laptops are cooled by a system in which an intake and exhaust must have proper air flow. If all the vents are clogged, then the laptop will overheat and turn off. Overheating can also cause shorter life spans in all types of computers. A clogged vent on a laptop is similar to having a banana stuck in your tailpipe. Just imagine how hot and backed up your car would get!

When performed correctly, physical cleans can reduce heat by an amazing 15-40 degrees fahrenheit. During the cleaning process, the technician also applies a layer of thermal paste (allows for heat dissipation) to the Central Processing Unit as well as the Graphics Processing Unit. This type of paste is used on rocket ships and anything that is very hot and is electrical. DA Computers skilled technicians have performed thousands of physical cleans on all types of laptops, desktops and netbooks. Please call or email us today to schedule a diagnostic.

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