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In todays online informational age, all of our systems connect to the internet at one point and time. Whether we are doing updates from Microsoft for our systems securities or watching a football game through online streaming portals. We do so much online now we go to Google for everything! From maps to buying a home, or for a new pair of shoes! Our world is a mouse click away…We can get information on just about anything we want in today’s age. This is why we are targeted by online advertisers who want to know where we are going and what we are looking at. What type of gift we bought for that special someone? One may ask why they care? Well, it is so they can communicate targeted ads at us and install tracking cookies on our systems so they can keep track of our buying habits.

How does this affect us as consumers? Believe it or not, but this is one of the main areas where our computers are infected from viruses. First they install cookies on our computers that have the ability to track us and the virus programmers out there take advantage of this and sometimes slip in a few other viruses of their own. Like what type of viruses, you may ask, (first off we are not here to tell you not to go online We just want to raise your awareness on this subject) well, we will start with ad ware. The longer you connect to the internet the more ad ware that will come. Then more potent and powerful viruses like Trojans, fake anti-viruses, ransom ware and rootkits will follow.

Why do they target you? What is more valuable in today’s world then gold Information!” Information on what bank you go to, where you like to shop, what you search for etc. (“please note 90% of hackers won’t and don’t care about getting your bank info from you”) Hackers ultimately want to set up other attacks like installing ransom ware on your computer to make fast cash rather than hacking the big banks.

We here at DA Computers know how viruses work and how to remove them very effectively. We see that most technicians you go to in the valley or worldwide will just wipe your computer and remove all of your data and programs to rid the virus. We will do everything in our power to remove the virus without wiping your system. Not all users have their systems backed up and cannot afford to have their programs wiped out, especially business clients.If this sounds like you, we can help!  Our virus removals include the extraction and we also make sure your anti-virus security is in place as well.  We strive to be the best and we are told by our clients that we are! Contact us today to see how we can help!

Our staff has 20 years of combined experience in removing viruses and is well versed in all types of extractions including: mal-ware, spy ware, ransom ware, ad ware, rootkits, trojans, boot kits and the like!

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