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Tired of your Video Games lagging? Is the character on the screen moving like they’re ice skating instead of walking? Even if you don’t use your computer for gaming, you might just need to upgrade some of the components to make your machine run more efficient… So much of the software on the market nowadays requires high-end components to run.  Most require more RAM, and others need more video memory; upgrading your hardware is always more cost effective than buying a new PC. When one purchases a new computer from a big box store, it only comes as a base line model with standard RAM and video memory.  If you need a more upgraded model to run your programs with, whether it is for games or an architectural drawing program, then you will require more RAM and more video memory. Sometimes buying an upgraded unit can cost twice as much than buying the base model and upgrading it.  RAM stands for random access memory; this is like a large filing cabinet for your computer to put things in.  For instance, when you start a program, the program loads into the RAM and the more RAM that your machine has to use, then the faster it will load and store memories in before it is written to your hard drive.

You may ask what this all means? Well, it is simple. If you don’t have much RAM and your system only meets the minimum amount required by the program it will run very slow, because the computer has less filing cabinets to put you work in.  So if a program only required 2 Gigabytes to run at minimum and you only have 2 Gigabytes, the end result will be a slow drawn out process even doing even the easiest of actions.  In addition to that, your mental state will also take a hit because you’ll probably hate using the program you paid tons of money for and you will wonder why and what you paid for?

Another method that can be performed to speed up your computer and the software you are running is to upgrade your video memory. To do this a high video memory graphics card needs to be installed on the computer.  For gamers, this is a must! Almost every game out on the market can’t run very well with low video memory and the graphics look absolutely horrible if you choose to do so.  Low video memory lately is around 256Megabytes and 512Megabytes. Most games will run on this, but at very low quality. We know that not all computer users are gamers and that is okay, but even the business users are affected by not having enough RAM and video memory. The funny thing about software, whether it be a video game or an accounting program, is that they all demand memory, kind of like how humans require oxygen.

Please contact us today to schedule a diagnostic and we can determine if your machine demands more memory to run your unique programs.

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