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Data in todays growing world has become an even more valuable commodity than gold. A growing need to be guarded and treated very delicately is an utmost priority with most computer users. We employ the most secure and safe methods for securing your data. Our number one goal is to keep your data secure on your own machine. In the event your hard drive is failing, we will back all of your data up and then move the data to your new hard drive once it is installed and your new operating system is put back on the blank disk. We hold all of the backed up data on our server for 30 days this is done so that our client has time to review the data and to look over their computer and make sure that everything is back in place. Once the 30 day period is over, we then go ahead and delete it from our in-store servers. If the client doesn’t wish for us to hold the data we will remove it at the clients request. We also offer Data Recovery service to get your once deleted documents, pictures and music back. Also, if you would like a backup of your entire system on an external hard drive or on online cloud storage, we set that up as well. If you just want your data wiped off of the system completely so no one can recover it we can do that too!

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